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Group Decision Making Essay

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Group Decision Making

  DeNisha Robinson

  MGT 415: Group Behavior in Organization

  Myla Wilson

  September 12, 2011

In today’s’ society, I feel that group decision making play important roles in many growing companies. Before employees were included in what goes on in the company, hierarchy made decisions based on upper colleague input. Now in companies, meetings are held to get an overall input from all company employees as a whole and a decision can be made based on what’s best for the company and its customers. This is known as process gain, the interaction among group members that results in ideas, insights, and strategies that no one member previously had thought of on his or her own. (pg. 269 Johnson & Johnson 2006) Process gain plays a important role in decision making in a group because ideas are being shared. All members in a group should be involved in decision making for at least two reasons; to increase the quality of the decision by fully utilizing the resources of each member and to increase members’ commitment to implement the decision. (pg. 274-275 Johnson & Johnson)

Group maturity is also important when making decisions. The longer a group has worked together, the more they know about each other and the more they are able to bring out the best in each other. When you are put into a group of individuals, not knowing any weakness or strengths, trouble can arise. Some individuals can hide in the crowd and not participate. This is called social loafing; the reduction of individual effort when working with others on an additive group task. (pg.291 Johnson & Johnson) I’ve been with the March of Dimes for seven years now and I’ve had my share of turnover in the office. I started to get to the point were I didn’t care about being effective because this was a group I did not want to be a part of. The only thing that kept me was the flexibility and the pay at the time. As time progressed I began to share my feelings about the...

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