Group Communication Theory: Borgess Medical Center

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Communication Theory: Borgess Medical Center Jessica Emmons HCS/320 February 28, 2009 David R. Campbell Communication Theory: Borgess Medical Center Tony Robbins (2009) said, “To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” The diversity that exists within the world has a significant impact on communication. Throughout this paper, the group communication process of Borgess Medical Center will be discussed, as well as the impact that gender and culture have on communications and potential areas for improvement. Group Communication Process Group communication within Borgess Medical Center varies…show more content…
Being a hospital with the majority of employees being nurses or nursing assistants, a larger percentage of employees are female than male. Since the communication patterns and traits vary greatly between men and women, gender differences affect the communication flow within the hospital. Men and women are wired to think and process things differently. Male communication traits tend to be more direct, honest, and factual (Svecz, 2010). Men treat conversation as a means of exchanging information and as a way of problem solving and often speak more directly and bluntly (Svecz, 2010). On the other hand, female communication patterns tend to be more nurturing, indirect, and respectful (Svecz, 2010). While men speak to exchange information, women talk to build rapport and make connections (Svecz, 2010). In a hospital setting, communication needs to be open and direct, yet also respectful and nurturing. When dealing with patients, it is important to speak honestly, yet to remain respectful and put the patient at ease. Many of the employees within Borgess Medical Center communicate with compassion and empathy when dealing with patient…show more content…
In the healthcare setting, communication is vital to patient care. Since communication errors can result in significant problems in a healthcare setting, knowing how to effectively communicate and to apply communication tools within the organization is important. With the impact of gender and culture within the organization, communication can be challenging at times. In a diverse organization, sometimes a workforce may seem fragmented, with different members working towards different goals (du Pre, 2005). By celebrating diversity, helping employees to develop communication skills, and setting good examples, communication can continue to improve within the

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