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Group Application Assignment – Remember the Titans Eric Gonzales, Monique Burnom, Morris Grundy, John Cook Fall 2014 MBA Evening Cohort, Northwood University MBA 612 – Leadership 1 Dr. Tara Peters October 27, 2014 The premise of the movie, Remember the Titans, is centered on the T.C. Williams High School football team and the trials and tribulations they experience during a time of rampant racial tension and discrimination in their hometown of Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. As the football team reports for camp, the city erupts in protest due to the killing of a young black kid by a white store clerk. This event sets the stage for the storyline of the movie in a way that the viewer can anticipate that much of the measured success, if any for the protagonist, will be determined by how well he can deal with and resolve issues stemming from the effects perpetuated from societal events and pressures in the community on his coaching staff and players. During this time of unrest, leadership by both coaches and players alike are put to the test. Especially leadership as it relates to motivating the team to play together as a unit and for each other. In response to the first question of the assignment, Coach Herman Boone, the protagonist in the movie, exhibits a number of different behaviors that directly relate to the course concepts covered in class. For instance, the group came to a consensus that emotional contagion was one of the most prevalent concepts demonstrated by Boone in several scenes of the movie primarily because of his leadership position. As stated by Nohria and Gurtler in the case, Note on Human Behavior: Character and Situation (2009), “A leader needs to be the exhibitor of positive emotions, and consciously protect themselves from negative ones. When outside factors stimulate anxiety or negativity for a

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