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Grill 54 July 8, 2011 Grill 54 On July 3, 2011 my family and I were looking to go out to eat and to find something new from the normal and usual restaurants, like Outback, Chili’s, and Longhorn that we go to all the time. We heard of this new restaurant that just recently opened called Grill 54, from what we read they offer a wide verity of dishes. I wanted to stay at a budget of about $50 plus gratuity for a family of five. So we decided to try the restaurant and see if it is something that we could enjoy and would be a restaurant that we would frequent. Having a family of five with kids ranging from ages 1 to 11 it is not easy to choose a restaurant that everybody will like something. As a family we look for different things, well as an adult we look for more important criteria. First, how is the service, how long the wait is going to be, we look at is it clean, what type of foods do they offer and is it good? Second, how much is it going to hit the financial budget and how do they compare to the other restaurants? Finally, and most importantly, what type of kids menu do they offer? This means, do they have chicken tenders, spaghetti, and grill cheese? So as we arrived at the restaurant, we started to evaluate the restaurant and were looking to see if it was meeting our criteria’s that we set forth. As we walked in we were greeted by the group of hostesses, and yes they were very courteous. There was not a wait, which was good and a good start. As we walked to our table we noticed that the restaurant was very clean and had a very good…show more content…
The prices are first-rate in comparison to other restaurants and the kids menu has a good selection of different foods. The food is tremendous; the atmosphere is superb and overall is a great

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