Grief Lessons- Herakles

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Grief Lessons- Herakles This play begins with Amphityron and Megara, Herakles’ father and wife conversing about their fate. Herakles has gone to Hades and they are awaiting his return daily. Lykos is the next one we encounter. He comes in to where Amphityron and Megara are speaking and relays that their hopes of Herakles’ returning are useless. He believes that Herakles is nothing to boast about and that the idea of him coming back from Hades is impossible because he is worthless. “Is this why you think he should escape death? A man who got a name for courage, though he was nothing-he fought animals! No good for anything else.” (Herakles, 26). With that said, Lykos orders for Amphityron, Megara and Herakles’ children to be burned alive by a fire. He wants to rule and doesn’t feel that a dead man, Herakles should be the one to rule the land. At this point, Megara pleads with Lykos to allow her to dress to children for death. She speaks of all the thing they were supposed to have but unfortunately would not be able to because of Lykos and his deceitful ways. “Luck turns. Luck gave you death as brides, my tears as bridal bath.” (Herakles, 37). Out of nowhere Herakles appears in the house spotted by Megara. When Herakles arrives he is stunned to see his family dressed for death. He wants to defend their honor but is guided by his father to be discreet so Lykos won’t uncover his plot. Unknowingly, Lykos goes in the house in search of Megara to lead her to her death. Still blinded by the fact that Herakles has indeed return he is still sure that he won’t. As Lykos enters the house, he is killed. Two messengers of the gods, Iris and Madness are conversing about the prophecy that is set for Herakles and his children. They have a rage against him and so does Hera. It is she who wants “to stain him in the blood of his own children.” (Herakles, 53). Although Madness is

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