Grid Theory Essay

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Complete the following grid based on the selected theorist information.

Define each term according to the selected theorist.

Explain how the selected theorist’s approach to each element of the metaparadigm applies to the following:

Nursing practice • Nursing education • Nursing research

Nursing Theorist Grid

Theorist Selected: Florence Nightingale

Description of key points of the theory:

Theory’s historical background:

|Term |Definition |Applied to Nursing Practice|Applied to Nursing |Applied to Nursing Research|
| | | |Education | |
|Person |Reed and Zurakowski (1996) |In relation to nursing |In regards to nursing |Through today’s |
| |state, |practice the nurse must |education and the person it|evidence-based practice |
| |“Nightingale envisioned the|view the person as a whole |is easy for to utilize |research nurses are allowed|
| |person as comprising |and consider every aspect |Nightingale’s theory |to continually educate on |
| |physical, intellectual, |during her practice. |because it is the bases for|the importance of the |
| |emotional, social, and |Because the person is the |the nurse to see the person|person in respect to care, |
| |spiritual components” (p. |one who is seeking care, it|as an individual that |health and promotion of a |
| |33). |is important to remember |interacts with and is part |population. |
| |
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