Grid Computing Essay

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ABSTRACT With the furtherance of technology, life is becoming simpler and less demanding. The conglomeration of three major disciplines, Computers, Communications and Electronics unleashes a vast amount of power in terms of technology. In an era of cost-cutting, when companies are faced with a growing need to maximize and/or improve efficiencies of existing IT investments, organizations are turning to Grid Computing as a strategic solution. This paper seeks to introduce this Grid Computing as an emerging computing model that provides the ability to perform higher throughput computing by taking advantage of many networked computers to model virtual computer architecture. Further, it enumerates on how the Grids use the resources of many separate computers connected through a network to solve large-scale computation problems. It explains how the Grids provide the ability to perform computations on large data sets, by breaking them down into many smaller ones, or provide the ability to perform many more computations at once than would be possible on a single computer, by modeling a parallel division of labor between processes. Finally the paper puts forth the Future of Grid Computing with a case-study and enlightens on how organizations can optimize computing and data resources, pool them for large capacity workloads, share them across networks and enable collaboration. 1. INTRODUCTION Grid computing can mean different things to different individuals. The grand vision is often presented as an analogy to power grids where users (or electrical appliances) get access to electricity through wall sockets with no care or consideration for where or how the electricity is actually generated. In this view of grid computing, computing becomes pervasive and individual users (or client applications) gain access to computing resources (processors, storage, data,

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