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Failed Amendments The amendments were proposed in 1789 in the CIty of New York on Wednesday, March 4th. We had 17 articles of the amendments but they were later reduced to 12 and others have been rejected. There are 27 amendments to this day. Many of us only know of the 19, which are also known as The Bill of Rights. There are two ways of how an amendment gets passed. The first method is for a bill to pass both halves of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority in each and then approved by three-fourths of the State. Second method prescribed is for a Constitutional Convention to be called by two-thirds of the legislature of the state and for the Convention to propose one or more amendments. The amendments that have failed either didn't get the votes required or Congress denied them. One of the ineffective proposed amendments of 1912 was “Marriage between races is illegal.” It was not ratified for very obvious racial reasons. This amendment would have made it impossible for interracial couples to become married by law.This amendment was obviously not ratified because the people would have most likely protest to have it taken down. This amendment is very much like the gay marriage. It is infringing on our freedom to choose our own personal lifestyle. With a much more diverse population now than in the 1900s, interracial marriage is so much more common today. Back then there were still slavery problems so different marriages would most likely not have occurred. Most likely whoever proposed this amendments was racist, probably believed those of color were under those who are white. I personally dont think this amendment could not get passed. Racism used to be a huge deal and common between households. Today racism is disappearing even though it does still exist.

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