Grey's Anatomy-Media Misrepresentation

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Imagine you’re in a hospital patient’s room, waiting for your loved one to wake up from surgery but all of a sudden you hear the heart monitor go off, his stats are dropping and cold blue alerts for all help around. One woman comes in, and says they have to put a tube in his throat to help him breathe, his stats continue to drop. She cuts a small incision on his throat, inserts a tube and right along with that the heart monitor faded back to its normal rhythm. As you think back on those terrifying moments you think, who was that person that just saved my loved one’s life? You look around and see the woman responsible for this happening and see a badge that says “RN”, a nurse just performed that lifesaving procedure. The television show Grey’s Anatomy, developed by Shonda Rhimes is a primetime medical drama that shows what is behind the scenes of the fictional lives of multiple residents and inters. The show rolls through the evolution off becoming doctors while still sustaining their own personal lives. Despite showing certain truthful things about a hospital, this television show skews the image that people develop about nursing.
The image that the media portrays about a nurse’s education is damaging to the profession in many ways. The education in which a nurse actually has to endure is more complicated than what most would think. In Grey’s Anatomy, there are so many instances where nurses are looked down upon, one of those being one of the characters, Alex Karev, an intern who constantly disrespects nurses. In season 6, episode 23 intern Alex Karev responds to a nurse who questioned him with “I want to see you go to med school for four more years and see what you are saying then” (“Sanctuary”). Although viewers do know that Grey’s Anatomy is a fictional show, there are still parts in the mind that register that physicians actually talk to nurses as Alex Karev

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