Grendel and His Relations to His Mother

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Nelsa Richardson Mrs.Giovinazzo English 12 Period 5 27 November 2012 Grendel and His Mother A mother's love helps shape the life of her child, but the child chooses the path they wish to walk upon. In the novel “Grendel” written by John Gardner, Grendel's relationship with his mother changes because of the outcome of events in Grendel's life. At a young age, Grendel was very dependent on his mother for everything, for example, when Grendel's foot was stuck in the tree his first instinct was to call for his mother. As he grew, he began to look down on her. He saw her as a fat, old creature. Finally at the last moment of his life he begins to realize that he wants his mother again, however, that love and relationship is history. Although his love for his mother began to slip way, it took a dreadful end for Grendel to realize what he needed most and that was the affection of the only person who truly cared for him, his mother. To begin, at a young age Grendel was very dependent upon his mother. He looked to her to save him from everything. They had shared a very close relationship when he was young but he tries to explain their closeness as him being weak. “ Being young, unable to face these things, I would brawl and hurl myself at my mother and she would reach out her claws and seize me.”(17 Grendel) In Chapter 2, while playing outside of the cave Grendel gets his foot stuck between two trees. All that time it is his mother whom he screams out for hoping she would come. As his suffering finally comes to an end and many events take place, as the bull and man, Grendel is finally saved by his mother, but his outlook on life has changed. That feeling of protection he yearned for has disappeared and he now tries to push out of her embrace.”I can't breath, and I claw to get free.”(29 Grendel) With this in mind, Grendel begins to see his mother in new

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