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‘”Mama!Waa!Waaa!” I bellowed…”’(Gardner 18).The moment Grendel was born he should have had a relationship with his mom. Due to the lack of words from mom, Grendel looks to Wealthow for security. Grendel’s mom never understood Grendel emotionally. Throughout the novel we Grendel display continuous despair. ”I was intensely aware of where I sat, the volume of darkness I displaced… and the shocking separateness from me in my mama’s eyes” (17). Grendel’s mom struggled internally and externally. She stayed hidden in her cave where she felt safe. “She was pitiful, foul, her smile a jagged white tear in the firelight: waste. She whimpers one sound: Dool-dool!...a ghastly attempt to climb back up to speech” (55). Even Grendel realizes that his mom does not understand him and just hugs him in moments of despair. The moment Grendel saw Wealthow he was intrigued by her. “She had given,her life for those she loved…”(102).Even with feelings of resentment towards serving the Danes, she put it aside and became a “peace-weaver”. Her presence “brought light and warmth, men began talking, joking and laughing, both Dane`s and the Geat`s together” (163). Wealthow`s ability to sacrifice for herself for the better good of her society was what caught Grendel`s attention. In the novel Grendel wants somebody to understand him .Grendel looks to Wealthow for a secure relationship because she sacrificed herself. “She finds meaning not through the masculine language of politics, treaties and war, but rather through her feminine role as peace-weaver and mother” (Henningfeld 3). Grendel is intrigued with Wealthow because little kids look up to her in the town, also her being superior women. Grendel sees himself superior to his mom because he can talk. Grendel wants a relationship with his mother like the kids loving Wealthow, and the sacrifice she made for her people, so that they can

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