Greg Brown Sexual Abuse Cases

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The Real SVU: sexual abuse and the detectives who investigate it. By Greg Brown Sexual Abuse is any sexuality, sexual contact, or any explicit sexual reference with a child or a "vulnerable adult". This includes unconcealed sexual behavior by an adult or older child that is intended to provide either sexual gratification of the abuser, or gratification of achieving a sense of power and control over another individual, using sex as the medium. This includes kissing, fondling, sexual intercourse, oral sex, and other similar behaviors. In addition, abuse to the person or child may occur through taking pornographic photographs of them,…show more content…
Some attempt to build a case so strong, the offender will plead guilty, sparing the victim the long and painful ordeal of testifying in court. When an allegation of child sexual abuse is brought forward, the child will come in contact with social workers, law enforcement detectives, medical examiners, victim advocates, therapists, district attorneys, defense attorneys, judges, and juries. SVU detectives should be well educated and trained in child sexual abuse dynamics, children and suggestibility, the sexual abuse disclosure process, child development issues, the use of non-leading questions, the use of interview aids, fact vs. fantasy, rapport building with children, discussion of private parts, and setting the stage for a spontaneous disclosure. Investigators are to confirm that abuse has occurred and identify the perpetrator. Then assure the safety of the victim by removing the abuser or victim from the abuse location. They also see to it that the victim receives medical and psychological care as needed. Their last duty is to stabilize the situation on a permanent
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