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Greensburg Greentown Greensburg Kansas: Better Stronger Greener! Have you heard of Greensburg Kansas? Probably not. On Friday May 4th 2007, the town got ripped off the map by a monstrous EF-5 tornado. Before Greensburg Kansas got ripped of the map it was a small town that know one had ever heard of. The town is 1.4 square miles. Greensburg is home to the world’s largest hand dug well. Greensburg was a great town to raise a family. 1,574 residents lived in the town before the tornado. That is what Greensburg Kansas was like before the devastating tornado. Greensburg Kansas has changed a lot after the tornado. The tornado destroyed everything in its path. On may 4th, 2007 a little after 9:48 pm Greensburg Kansas was torn of the map. Tornado sirens went off in Greensburg 20 minutes before the tornado hit. That saved many lives. The tornado was so wide a storm chaser who was chasing the storm couldn’t get both edges of the tornado to fit in the lens of the camera. 1.7 miles was the estimated width of the tornado and it traveled for 22 miles. Winds were estimated by the National Weather Service to reach up to 205 mph. That wind speed is powerful enough to bend a telephone pole in half like it weighed nothing! Sadly the tornado caused 7-11 fatalities. 95% of Greensburg was confirmed destroyed and the other 5% was severely damaged. Friday May 4th, 2007 is a night residents of Greensburg, Kansas will never forget. Would you forget the day your town was destroyed by a tornado? Greensburg Kansas was demolished by an EF-5 tornado and out of a population of 1,574 residents, 500 returned within one week! Within Six months after the tornado approximately 900 residents were living in the town. That is a lot of people who love and care about their destroyed town. Since the tornado people all over the country care for Greensburg Kansas. Many

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