Greenland S Hospital

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Sheridan College Business Process Management Public Sector Case Study Case # 3 Greenlands Hospital Case Submitted on: 20th March 2014 Submitted to: Tim Dietrich Submitted by: Karanveer S. Mahal 991341063 Key issues Inadequate utilization of Porters: This means that the work was not being evenly divided among all the Porters. Those who were deployed in the afternoon shift have more pages than those in the evening shift. Uneven task assignment makes it even more difficult for the management to know how busy the Porters are. Another major reason was due to the hospital’s union environment, wherein the junior porters were allotted more the less desirable tasks. Lack of effective delivery of patients and services: Due to a negative impact on the Porter services of the hospital, delivery of patients and services on time has been affected significantly. This may lead to a delay in any emergency situation and thus a bad reputation of the hospital. This bad reputation can cost a lot and can even affect their current expansion process of the hospital. Unsatisfied employees: Clearly, the staff at Greenlands General Hospital were unhappy with the current scenario. The staff included both Porter’s as well as nurses and doctors. Following were the reasons for the di-satisfaction among the employees: Uneven task distribution. The factors were (i) Afternoon shift being heavier, (ii) Senior porter’s performing desirable tasks Malfunctioning of tube system: This leads to frustration among all the staff members including the Porters who now have to perform more task and other staff members because they kept waiting for their work to be performed. Uncertainty in the outcomes after installing the decision support system: After reviewing the software based on the representatives of the other 2 hospitals, it still wasn’t clear that it had
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