Green Work Life Balance Essay

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Green Work Life Balance Author Harshita Singh Prof. Jyotsana Bhatnagar Management Development Institute Sukhrali, Gurgaon Abstract- For the past few years, business world has seen a great deal of emphasis paid on the adoption of environment management systems by the organizations. However, thinking of such system does not always mean an effective implementation of the same. Researchers argue that employees must be inspired, empowered and environmentally aware of greening in order to carry out green management initiatives. This article proposes that green management initiatives by companies can meet its full potential if organizations can manage the interface between work and family effectively. Introduction Environment Management System (EMS) and Green Strategy There is a great deal of increase in the level of environmental pollution and waste emerging from industries which has resulted in increase in implementation of policies by governmental and private sector with the aim of reducing the rapid destruction to the non renewable resources and the ultimate negative impact it would have on societal consequences (Martinez- Fernandez, & Hinojosa, 2010). There is enhanced adoption of environment management systems by the corporate sector (Boiral 2006 and González-Benito, 2006). This resulted in the emergence of a new strategic maneuver called green management (as cited in Cherian and Jacob, 2012).Green management is the organization-wide process of applying practices to achieve sustainability, waste reduction, social responsibility, and a competitive advantage via continuous learning and development and by embracing environmental goals and strategies that are fully integrated with the goals and strategies of the organization (Haden and Humphreys, 2009). Need for Green Management Strategies Earlier success of a firm was strongly dependent on promotion of

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