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Green Technology Essay

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Green technologies
Green technology, also called environmental technology is the application of green chemistry and environmental science to conserve natural environment and resources, also to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.   Oftenly mentioned term is sustainable development which is the core of green technology.
Today we count a large number of   green technology inventions and ideas, and that number is constantly growing. There are numerous ways of using environmental technology such as recycling which is one of the first application towards the concept of this kind of technology. Saving of paper, cans or bottles have been encouraged by the governing bodies around the world, it can thus help protect environment and cause less waste or polution. Water purification, air purification, sewage treatment etc.   are various examples of application of clean technology, but the most interesting and the most important are energy conservation and clean power.
Basics of energy conservation is the utilization of devices that require smaller amounts of energy in order to reduce the consumption of electricity. Reducing the use of electricity causes less fossil fuels to be burned to provide that electricity, also is making the easier way to use alternative and clean power. To produce clean power we will need sustainable design expert who will comply design with the principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability, but also we will need to know how to use energy and resources at a rate that does not compromise the natural environment. For example advanced energy efficient electric motor technology that are cost effective to encourage their application, such as electric machine and energy saving module, can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide that would otherwise be introduced to the atmosphere, if electricity is generated by using fossil fuels.
Todays most interesting ample doubt is the hybrid car or green car hoax. Many people...

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