Green Tea Diet

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How to Maximize Weight Loss with Your Green Tea Diet The health claims of green tea range from preventing cancer to reducing inflammation in patients with arthritis. However, one of its more well-known uses is undeniably as a diet supplement. In fact, the green tea diet – a combination of exercise, nutritious food and a daily cup of green tea with every meal – is fast becoming a popular method of losing weight naturally. Green tea is believed to contain substances called catechins, which increases the body’s utilization of fat. Out of all the varieties of tea, catechins are believed to be retained in more abundant amounts in the unfermented green tea. As research is steadily confirming this particular health benefit, most dieters might think to simply drink green tea and lose weight without breaking a sweat. However, a truly effective green tea diet plan should still involve a fair amount of exercise and low-fat diet. This would mean that green tea is a supplement, not the sole way to lose weight. Research is showing that moderate exercise seems to work synergistically with green tea to significantly bring down a person’s weight by burning fat. In a research done by Murase et al in 2005, the running endurance of laboratory mice on 0.5% green tea extract were markedly increased compared to those without exercise, with exercise only and with exercise and 0.2% green tea extract. Since effective fat utilization is pivotal in the improvement of physical endurance, they proposed that the activity of catechins to increase fat metabolism provides a good source of energy to contracting muscles during exercise, allowing them to run longer and lose more weight. Although this has yet to be confirmed in humans, the researchers expect a similar positive effect on endurance upon drinking a proper amount of green tea in combination with an exercise regimen in humans. A green tea
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