Green Party Essay

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According to “A brief history of The Green Party”, The Green Party of the United State is a current political party committed to ecology, social justice grassroots democracy and non-violence. Their mission is to build the party into a well-established alternative in the United States. They are well represented by candidates around the country who work on issues concerning their community. The party has a broad platform that ranges from protecting the environment to pro-labor agenda to human rights and social justice. The Green Party was first established in Tasmania in 1972, but it did not make its way to the United State until 1984. However, the U.S Greens were largely influenced by the European Greens, who first established as an anti-nuclear and pro-peace movement during the Cold War. (, 2012) “Twentieth Anniversary of the American Green Movement” stated that in 1984, a group of about 62 people came together in St. Paul, MN to organize the United States’ first Green Party. The meeting consisted of activists from New York City, New England, the Missouri Ozarks, California, and others. The group was split between the “movement and party” ideation; or in other words, the split between an activist and a politician oriented American Green movement. The group founded the earliest form of what is known today as the “Ten Key Values,” a document of principles that reflected the diverse origins of the American Green movement. (A brief history of The Green Party). They also established the “Committees of Correspondence,” a name chosen in honor of some of the original democrats’ struggle for Independence. (, 2012) The committees were formed to organize local Green groups, provide updates and newsletter, and work toward creating a Green political organization in the United States. The Green Committees of Correspondence
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