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Green Living After centuries of overexploitation, Earth has now started to exhibit consequences of environmental abuse. Global temperatures are increasing, while the planet's ice regions are decreasing. Destruction of habitats has led to a higher number of threatened species and limited resources. Global institutions zealously aim to conserve the planet by mandating stricter regulations and enforcing “greener” legislation. Governments must require and foster exemplary green living practices to ensure proper and effective conservation. Governments must seek immediate and permanent action to refrain from a greater and ample global epidemic. Climate change and limited resources are result of human action throughout the globe and, therefore, will require the aid of all its inhabitants. A 2007, an environmental awareness poll demonstrated the states’ movement towards a “greener” society. The “United States, China, Russia, Japan, and India together account for 54% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions . . .,” but as illustrated in the graph, only American and Japanese governance demonstrated the “highest levels of environmental stewardship.” (Source E) Both nations communicate and express their attempt at improvement and exemplify admirable venture. Policymakers must stress the importance of a greener living; legislation will generally be accepted and acknowledged based on the drive and priority it attributes. Further, governments must present citizens with incentives for employing greener and commendable practices. In a sense, governments will “bribe” citizens in the direction of a superior and environmentally friendly path. The United States, and other neighboring nations, must emulate the persistence exhibited by Singapore. “Singapore is only one of many places in the world that is making energy conservation and auto management priority.” The Singaporean

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