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High Performance Green Computing A Proposal for New Investments in Faculty Hiring in the Departments of Astronomy and Computer Science Ronald Snell, Martin Weinberg, Neal Katz, Min Yun, Grant Wilson, Gopal Narayanan, Houjun Mo, and Daniela Calzetti Department of Astronomy Eliot Moss, Prashant Shenoy, and Chip Weems Department of Computer Science Rationale High performance computing (HPC) – using commodity compute clusters, special-purpose multiprocessors, massive data stores and high-bandwidth interconnection networks – has rapidly become an indispensable research tool in science and engineering. In application areas ranging from the design of drugs, to understanding and predicting nano-scale properties of photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials for energy conversion, to modeling and predicting climate changes, to modeling galaxy dynamics, computation is finding an increasingly important role beside theory and experimentation as a tool for inquiry and discovery. Beyond science and engineering, large compute clusters, massive storage, and high-bandwidth connectivity have also become mission-critical infrastructure in medical, industrial, and academic settings. While the costs of computers, storage, and networking have fallen dramatically over time, the costs of the buildings, power, and cooling that support this equipment have risen dramatically. Indeed, the costs for power and infrastructure exceed the cost of the computing equipment they support. The environmental costs of information and communication technologies are also increasing; recent studies estimate that these computing and communication technology sectors are responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions and these emissions are increasing at 6% annually. Green computing (aka sustainable computing) can be broadly defined as the problem of reducing the overall carbon footprint (emissions) of computing

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