Green is the New Black Essay

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Everywhere we look, there are new products to buy that are healthier and safer for the environment; cars, foods, clothes, and even housing appliances. Where is everyone else? From politicians to musicians to huge corporations, everyone will soon be following and making better, greener products. Simple tasks are all that these people are asking the world to do. “Reduce, reuse and recycle”, a theme that should be more commonplace in today’s world. With the bad affects of daily life today, the going green movement can only improve the environment. What is your thesis? Stopping global warming is a priority on politicians’ and environmentalist’s agenda. Only now has it been such a problem and so widespread on the news. From a scientific perspective, global warming is an unbalance of carbon dioxide production and usage. With all the fossil fuels in the air, an unnatural greenhouse effect occurs. When this abnormal occurrence, less heat radiates out of the atmosphere, which causes more carbon dioxide in the air, which eventually leads to Earth’s surface temperature rising (“60: Global Problems: The Environment” Author page number). Burnt fossil fuels in the air are from the burning of coal, gas, and oil. These fuels help warm our houses, start our cars, and most importantly, generate electricity. It is impossible for us to get rid of them, so we will just have to minimize the usage. [what about renewal resources like solar power and hydro electricity] If global warming keeps destroying the environment, the world will lose many plants and animals that I do not even know exist. We would be without Christmas trees, snorkeling vacations, French wines, fly-fishing, salmon dinners, and even baseball( or make the list funnier). The fact that the temperatures are rising is the culprit to all of these things because in British Columbia, the Pine Bark Beetle, which is in control
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