Green Hrm Essay

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GREEN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ABSTRACT: Green management initiatives become an important factor in forward-thinking businesses around the world. Researchers argued that employees must be inspired, empowered and environmentally aware of greening in order to carry out green management initiatives. Corporate green management requires a high level of technical and management skills in employees, since the company will develop innovation-focused environmental initiatives and programmes that have significant managerial implications. However, gaps still exist in the human resource management (HRM) literature on human resource (HR) aspects of environmental management - Green HRM. This includes an informative guide on the emergent literature, its scope and coverage, a process model and research agenda. There is a growing need for strategic green HRM – the integration of environmental management into HRM. The paper discuses the steps that should be taken in an organization to reduce its carbon footprints. Going green helps an organization to gain reputation, low cost of production, smarter performance which translates into cheaper products. HR interacts with each and every employee, it has the ability to reach far and wide and change the mind. Keywords: Green Audit by HRM, Green Recruitment, Direct Deposit, Direct Payments, Go Green Policies. INTRODUCTION Green HR has two essential elements: environmental friendly HR practices and the preservation of knowledge capital. Most people will say that Green HR involves reducing your carbon footprint via less printing of paper, video conferencing and interviews, etc. Companies are quick to layoff when times are tough before realizing the future implications of losing that knowledge capital. Green HR initiatives help companies find alternative ways to cut cost without losing their top talent; furloughs, part time
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