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SOLUTION BRIEF Go Green with Avaya Introduction Environmental Stewardship is all inclusive. Organized environmental stewardship activities have been taking place since the Sierra Club was founded in May, 1892. Companies of all sizes all around the globe have implemented varying levels of environmental improvements. These changes have been afoot for decades by individual companies. However, it is through the collective efforts of all companies that will make an impact in carbon footprint reductions necessary to stem and turn the tide of global warming. Avaya Intelligent Communications solutions support your desire to become more environmentally friendly. A “carbon footprint” is the direct effect that your actions and lifestyle have on the environment due to carbon dioxide emissions from such activities as traveling to and from work or the use of electricity. Avaya designs products, applications and solutions, which can help you reduce your carbon footprint. They help minimize travel by supporting remote workers, collaboration via audio and web conferencing, datacenter footprint reductions and more. Avaya helps you address your environmental goals, while contributing to your bottom line. Avaya Products, Solutions and Services Support Green Introduction (NPI) process can ensure that Avayadesigned products are compliant with the relevant environmental legislation/ regulations. Avaya environmental initiatives are broad-based and span the entire business. Avaya’s commitment to high quality, intelligent voice communications at a low environmental cost applies Avaya Products The requirements of the environmental legislation/ regulations have been incorporated into the Avaya Design for Environment (DFE) Guidelines and Requirements document and associated checklists. In this way, Avaya personnel at the front end of the New Product

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