Green Hrm Essay

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INTRODUCTION After a wealth of research into green marketing (Peattie, 1992), accounting (Owen, 1992), and management (McDonagh and Prothero, 1997), gaps still exist in the Human Resource Management (HRM) literature on the HR aspects of environmental management - Green HRM. The purpose of this project was to examine and draw together the HR aspects of environmental management and map the terrain in this field, and to detail a model of the HR processes involved in Green HRM. Green HRM involves the use of HRM policies to promote the sustainable use of resources within business organizations and, more generally, promote the cause of environmentalism. The kinds of action taken within green HRM initiatives include educating employees about climate change and other environmental issues, training in working methods that reduce the use of energy and other resources, promoting and incentivizing more sustainable means of travel to work (e.g. car sharing, cycling, public transport), and auditing employee benefits to eliminate those that are environmentally damaging (e.g. unnecessary provision of a high powered company car). Some green HRM initiatives also make use of employee volunteering to support environmental charities and projects and to develop green initiatives at work. Where trade unions are present, green HRM may involve consultation and joint working with union environmental representatives (i.e. union representatives who are trained to promote a green agenda at work) to advance sustainable business practice. Many companies have incorporated environmental management into business operations and have a formal green program in place or plan to implement one in the next 12 months. Many companies currently have the following green programs in place: • Using the internet or teleconferencing to cut down on business travel • Putting Summary Plan
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