Green Cocacola Essay

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Marketing Research MK 386 Prepare the questionnaire outline for a Research Interview about Green Cola and how other Cola consumers view it. What would you ask and how? How many questions? Word count: 500 words Your answers should be sent on the 8th of February, by 18:00, to Research interview has more than one methods to follow, so first of all we have to extract the most affected methods that help us in gathering information. Survey has four methods to follow which they are: Mail, Telephone, online via internet, and the last method is the personal interview surveys which we will follow in this questionnaire. First of all we have to know what we will ask about and our goals from the survey, so we have to prepare how many questions we should ask, instead to reach our main goals of the green coca cola. Which it is another type that Coca Cola Beverage Company afford, like coca cola zero and diet. And it’s more healthy than the classical in sugar and calories. *1 (We have to include short review in the survey in order to deliver to the people a message about what we want to know about). The interview should be not so long, so it’s better be short but include things that’s we want to ask. And trying to be informal and relaxing to get well the interview with the So we will give this interview from seven to ten questions, and each question has its own sense. First question will be about if they are like drinking coca cola or not, then the brand of green coca cola if they know it or not, then continually asking them if they tasted it before and if they like it. It better to avoid the question if the people satisfied with its cost because coca cola is very cheap beverage. The second part, will focus on the appearance of the coca cola green, so it’s going to be if they like the shape of the green coca cola, its new design

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