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Shushu Professor Steven Swaim English 28 (0199) 11 March 2014 Green Card Case Thinking back to the beginning of time here - way back to when I just came to Los Angeles, California, most people blunder around this city - me in particular. That was an unusual Tuesday ( Nov. 1st 2011 ): my Immigration Interview day. Early in the morning, I saw the early morning rush hour traffic; however, I saw several police cars and helling to the east. And, I saw a couple of well-dressed office ladies passing by. I saw people waiting outside for hours. I saw people of a different race walking back and forth. I saw people checking their files more than once. Actually, I was one of those people. Even today, I did remember every single detail of every moment of the day I got my Green Card. I did remember any sounds heard within the Immigration Interview. For instance, I watched the office corner to corner, and I could hear people’s noise they sat there making. I could hear the rhythm of people’s boots as they beat against the floor.“Shushu Li, come in,” the official said in a casual manner. I could hear my heart beating. “Please, explain to me this form.” the official( a.k.a. John ) said to me. I just answered truthfully to the best of my knowledge. “This is a great photo, and tell me what you did for that day?” I have undoubtedly taken a bunch of photos for proof, and the officer would question them. Finally, I heard what I really expected, “Welcome to the United States”. I did remember how our city, Los Angeles, smelt after my Immigration Interview. Meanwhile, I took a deep beath and went outside the building where I attended my interview. I could smell the good things of the world. For example, I could smell the fresh air around me because I was in a good mood. I could smell perfumes from others. I could smell the smoke but it did not bother me. I

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