Greeks and Romans Essay

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Comparing and Contrasting Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology Analuisa Molina ENG/220 November 10, 2014 Kimberley Holloway The page numbers are not formatted according to APA guidelines. Here is the webpage from Purdue’s OWL website: Repeat the Title Here In simple terms, mythology is a historical account written by people who used gods and/or goddesses to explain the mysterious events in the world around them. There are many different kinds of mythology out in the world today too informal for academic writing AND [Add comma. Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (e.g., and, but) linking main clauses] but, the majority of people are fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology. Both of these mythologies have a base called Polytheism, which is “the belief in many gods and/or goddesses, all of which have their own personality and purpose”. (Unknown do not cite “unknown” or “anonymous” Cite a shortened form of the title, 2014) Each and every delete – avoid wordiness god/goddess played a huge this is an informal usage – avoid informal language/tone part in everyone’s ever day the correct word here is “everyday” life in that time period. Greek mythology and Roman mythology are both very [Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases and avoid using vague and general modifiers (very, really, great, a lot). Vague modifiers do not add specific information to the sentence. Try to construct concise sentences in which each word is necessary. Read the essay aloud to locate and eliminate unnecessary words.] similar and very different at the same time. The first noticeable difference between the two mythologies is in the names of the God’s and Goddess’s do not capitalize and do not use apostrophes. These nouns are plural not possessive, so the apostrophes are not

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