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The ancient Greeks have made outstanding achievements of math and science throughout history that have affected the shape of life in society in the 21rst century. The Greeks believed that the science of the natural world could be explained in terms of natural law. They believed that the rules that govern the universe could be explained, defined, and determined through reason and objectivity. Aristotle, not only layed down the foundation for zoology and botany ,but he also pioneered important classification practices that is used to group similar things together to describe and compare them . The ancient Greeks have helped create a practical scientific way of solving problems that could explain the nature of the world. Democritus was the first to discover that all matter is made of tiny particles called atoms. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, was interested in finding patterns and rules in math. He is mainly remembered for his creation of the Pythagorean Theorem, a formula that states the longest side of a right triangle could be found if the other sides' length are known. Geometry is the study of angles, shapes, perimeter, area, and volume. It is different than algebra because it allows one to use a logical structure where mathematical relationships are proved and applied. The ancient Greeks used geometry to make things make sense and always having a result that would be true. They have discovered mathematical principles that are still used in geometry today. The ancient Greeks have helped developed society today because of their important contributions of math and science to the

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