Greek Values In The Odyssey

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Ancient Greek Values Displayed In The Odyssey The Odyssey displays many values that were upheld in the Ancient Greek society. They include, but are not limited to, hospitality, importance of family, cleverness, and pride. I believe that these values were undermined many times by Homer but were overall upheld. The Ancient Greek’s believed very strongly in these values. It is said that the gods are not fond of wrong doing, but honor discipline and right behavior. They almost always punished anyone that went against these values. Hospitality was one of the most important values in The Odyssey, and showing hospitality towards strangers was priority. This was a value that was mainly upheld throughout the play. Telemachos searches for…show more content…
In this scene, Calypso is trying to convince Odysseyus to stay on her island with her. She has just gotten the word from Olympus that she must allow him to leave but still tries to bribe him into staying. Calypso points out that Penelope is a mortal and will never be a beautiful as her and Odysseyus responds with, “Goddess and queen do not be angry with me. I myself know that all you say is true and that circumspect Penelope can never match the impression you make for beauty or stature. She is mortal after all, and you are immortal and ageless. But even so, what I want and all my days I pine for is to go back to my house and see my day of homecoming. And if some god batters me far out on the wine-blue water, I will endure it, keeping a stubborn spirit inside me, for already I have suffered much and done much hard work on the waves and in the fighting. So let this adventure follow.” (Book five. 215-224) Odysseyus is very clever in his response to Calypso because he understands that he will need her help to get off of the island so instead of arguing that Penelope is beautiful and expressing his love for her, he agrees that his wife will never be as beautiful. He also verbalizes his desire to return home and to have a huge homecoming celebration. Odysseyus finally convinces Calypso to let him

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