Greek Tradgedy Essay

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After five years a violent siege, the cruel overlord King Diabolos celebrates his victory over a small land. That night as he looked over his kingdom he was pleased. He decides that when his evil reign comes to an end he will need someone to rule it was an iron fist as he did. He needed a son, so that night a child was conceived. And nine months later a child was a son was delivered, and the king and queen named that child Damokles. Little did they know that Damokles would grow up to change the whole kingdom? (Young Damokles plays in the throne room as the king conducts business) King Diabolos: What is this you say noble messenger?! Noble Messenger: The great Braeonon has intercepted one of our spies and has put him to death, he also threatens to declare war on us if there is not an explanation sire. KD: Who was the spy’s consultant?! NM: I sire. (KD strikes messenger hard) KD: Guards!!!!! Bring forth thine whip!!! NM: No please your highness!! I am so sorry for my blunder, please do not punish me. (Sees young Damokles playing with toys) KD: Damokles!! Domokles: Yes father? KD: Be gone!! Leave this throne room immediatlety!! D: But fath…(cut off by KF) KD: Leave at once!! YD: Yes father. (YD exits throne room) Chorus: As the messenger is severely punished, young Damokles watches and listens through the cracked door with heart ache. Who could save the messenger from the overwhelming pain? Maybe the young prince. (YD forcefully enters throne room) D: Father Stop!!! What art thou doing to this poor messenger!? Why art thou causing him pain?? (KD ferociously beats YD with whip) KD: How dare you oppose my will!? You insolent child!! You have deliberately disrupted this fools punishment, and for this mistake you as well shall suffer!!! KD: Guards!! Escort Damokles to his room and make sure he doesn’t leave. Give him

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