Greek Philosophy Essay

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When we think about the word “hero” we picture a person whose qualities, traits and features cause them to defeat and diminish all of their difficulties with ease. A person who has been given ultimate powers per say that places them ahead of the general population. With that being said, the ideal heroic citizenship changed from the Greek mythopoeic through the emergence of Greek tragic drama. The traditional Greek form of entertainment was live battle death, blood and torture. This can only be depicted today is television shows and films where subjects duel to the death in an arena. I recently saw the last Hercules film that was just released that shows this exact tradition to the “T”. However, during the time of Greek tragic drama, poetry which included more of a theatrical acting setting to exposed actors to suffering and torture before a live audience as a mode of entertainment. In my personal opinion this is when theatre really emerged into existence. One element that remained the same was that Greek citizens always viewed themselves as conquerors to their enemies and during both of these eras they viewed themselves as such. In other words when it came to real battles they fought until victory was achieved and when it came to theatre they portrayed the Greek as the victor of the act. As we can see the way of the man changed over time especially with the rise of stoicism. To the Roman’s being a hero meant that one had maintained order in the control of their emotions when dealing with other men. With that being said, this philosophy stated that man was supposed to be in control of his emotions when dealing with his fellow man and the rest of the

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