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The Role of Women in Greek Mythology Isn’t it sad how women don’t get credit for the things they do most of the time? Not only does this happen today, but it has been happening for millions of years. Most people don’t know that women had a major role in Greek Mythology because the men got credit for almost everything. So what exactly was the role of women in Greek Myths? I know of four women, goddesses if you may, that had a pretty major role. Starting with Athena, the goddess of wisdom who has invented many things that not only women use, but that men use as well. Next, we have the goddess of love, Aphrodite who may or may not have started the infamous Trojan War. After Aphrodite, we have Artemis, the goddess of hunt and childbirth. Lastly, we have Hera who was able to tie Zeus down as her husband and rule Olympus as their Queen. Each Goddess mentioned above have very interesting backgrounds that many people don’t know about, but have impacted the world in a big way. Athena is the unexpected daughter of Zeus, I say unexpected because turned Metis (Athena’s alleged mother) into a fly and swallowed her because he didn’t want her to have a son who would be greater than him. After swallowing Metis, Zeus began to get killer headaches and turned to Hephaestus for help. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to cut his head open to see where the problem was coming from. When he cut his head open, to their surprise, out popped Athena, goddess of wisdom, fully grown and ready for battle. Athena invented many of the things we use today including: the flute, trumpet, plough, the rake, horse bridle, the chariot, and the ship. That’s just the manly things she invented, for women, she was the first t teach science numbers & women arts (weaving, cooking, spinning). Athena was generally a cool laid back person but she would have her moments when she’d lash out at people. But, she is a

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