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Student name Student number Tutor name Date Greek Mythology Pericles The reason for Perciles’ oration was to honour those who had died in the war and also to praise Athenians for their democracy and patriotism. His arguments in support of the way include the fact that that is their main source of wealth and possessions. It is also an expression of their superiority to other cities. A flaw in this reasoning is that the cost is at times too high yet there must have been less fatal mays of generating wealth. He is somewhat indifferent towards the deceased’s family members since he greatly limits the level to which he can honour the dead. This is a masterpiece of rhetoric since despite it being a funeral, he shifts the focus of his speech from the dead to the accomplishments of the living members of Athens and the greatness of Athens itself. From the family of dead soldiers, he demands that they maintain a good name and do their best to move on despite the difficulty of the situation. Two democratic ideals he presents in his speech are the freedom of men to do as they pleased without fear for prying eyes and also a justice system that was fair for all men. He describes Sparta as a city that denies its male soldiers a chance to enjoy a private life with wives and family. The tone of his speech is a patriotic and motivating tone in which he rallies the people to honour their great city in the best way they know how. Aeneid Aeneas was a Trojan who following the fall of Troy fled towards Carthage with his ailing father on his back. Here he lived with queen Dido before departing to Italy where the generations that followed him established Rome. Character wise, Aeneas was first of all caring as seen in his act of carrying his ailing father. Hi was also deeply religious given his respect for the gods. Another virtue he had was bravery and this enabled him to

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