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GREEK PLAY --- DEVOTED LOVE By 徐鸥鹭, 王晓宁,凤强,李慧 CHARACTERS APHRODITE, Goddess of Beauty and Love EVA, A Fisherman ZEUS, The Supreme God of the Heavens and the Earth, Father of Aphrodite BELLE, Aphrodite’s pet POSEIDON, God of Ocean ACT Ⅰ SCENE 1 The Aegean Sea. Narrator One day, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, was wandering along the beach of the Aegean Sea with her pet, Belle. Belle, a lovely cat who is considerate and caring with golden hair and ice-blue eyes, is whispering with Aphrodite. [Enter BELLE and APHRODITE] Belle Look , the fisherman has just caught a big fish.Aphrodite He is a brave and skilled man. Belle Do you like him?Aphrodite Are you kidding me? [Exit APHRODITE] Belle My dear master, no words on earth can hide your sentiments; your blushing cheek has betrayed you. Who could ever know you more than I do? [Exit Belle] ACT Ⅰ SCENE 2 Eva and Belle at the door of the fisherman’s hut on the beach of the Aegean Sea. Narrator Eva, a fisherman living by the sea, is a handsome and industrious young man. He goes out to fish every day and returns to his hut at night. This dusk, when he finished one day’s work and was preparing to come back home from his boat, a ball of small golden hairy thing came into his view. He approached near, finding that it was an injured cat. Out of sympathy, he bent down and scooped her into his arms. [Enter APHRODITE] Aphrodite Oh. My dear Belle. Here you are. Narrator Hearing the voice, the fisherman looked up and what greeted his eyes was the most elegant and exquisite figure he may ever met in the world. He was fascinated at once. Aphrodite What a poor cat! She got hurt. Eva Umm... I came across it just now. She seems to be cut by something.

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