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ABDALLA EL MASSRY GRADE 9 A When scout initially informed Xerxes of the size of the Greek force, and the Spartans who were performing their preparations,Xerxes found the reports laughable. Not understanding the significance of the Spartan preparations as the action of men with the resolution to fight to the end,he expected the force to break up at any moment and waited four days for the Greek force to retreat.When they did not,he became frustrated by what he concluded as foolish impudence on the part of the small Greek force.On the fifth day Xerxes orderd his troops to pass. The Greeks deployed themselves in a phalanx,a wall of…show more content…
The Spartans,as brave as their sacrifice indubitably was,were professional soldiers trained from birth to be ready to give their lives in combat as Spartan law dictated.Oppositly ,the Thespians were soldiers who chose to add whatever they could to the fight,rather than allow the Spartans to be destroyed alone. The fighting was said to have been extremely brutal.As their numbers diminished the Greeks retreated to small hill in the narrowest part of the pass.The Thebans took this opportunity to the Persians.After their spears broke the Spartans and Thespians kept fighting with short words and after those broke,they were said to have fought with their bare hands,teeth and nails. The Greeks killed many Persians,including two of Xerxes brothers.In this final stand,Leonidas was killed and the Spartans fought very hard to defend his boday.Xerxes in range at the loss of so many of his soldiers,ordered that the head be cut off and the body

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