Greek Literature Essay

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Introduction: Literature is that aspect of civilization that throws light upon the lives of people living in those times. Inferences can be drawn upon the different aspects of society including the Philosophical leanings and the high levels of learning that people ordained. It is these texts that have been used to learn very important aspects of man’s growth and development. Literary texts normally lead to the reinforcement of social or cultural attitudes which may happen without governmental leaders, parents/families, or individuals realizing it. The richness of the Greek texts in terms of characters, depiction of life, culture, religion and social life is depicted very well. Every aspect of Greek literature is filled with the richness surrounding the country and the people who lived in those times. A read through over Greek literature would show human life to be filed with dialectic and intellectual process. Plato’s symposium is an elaborate discourse on the literary and the philosophical discussion that people around a dinner table have. The witty rejoinders and the characterization of the people sitting around the dining table show the intellectual philosophy of the Athenians. The Iliad is a showcase of Greek culture and every line of the epic is a treatise on the life of the Greek and the philosophy that they adopted not only in war but also in their lives. The stories that they left for others to imbibe and recount cannot be replicated in any way. Plato’s Symposium and Homer’s Iliad are great exponents of the Greek culture. Plato’s symposium is an eclectic discourse in life in Mycenaean Greece. Socrates thoughts on philosophy, Eryximachus who speaks about medicine, Aristophanes thoughts on comedy, and Agathon’s views on tragedy are the four very important aspects of intellectual outpourings in the days of Athens. Everyone in Athens knew something of
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