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There’s More Than What Meets the Eye Growing up, one of the things that I looked forward to most about going to college was joining a sorority. We’ve all seen the movies where large groups of sorority girls constantly get together and go out, and that was always very appealing to me. Now that I am a part of Alpha Chi Omega here at Sam Houston State, I am able to see just how truly amazing it feels to be a part of something bigger than myself, especially something with so much more to offer than is portrayed in the movies. I had no idea prior to joining Alpha Chi Omega that so many new opportunities would be available to me. The amount of volunteer work, an increased number of job opportunities, and just having an overall amazing support system of sisters nationwide is awe-inspiring. In spite of to the stereotype that Greek life has, I have personally come to realize that there are significantly more good attributes than bad for those who are involved in it. Each and every Greek organization has a designated Philanthropy, which is an association or a broad cause in which they support; this support can be made through either monetary funds raised or personal time volunteered by a sorority or fraternity’s members. Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy nationwide is the avocation for Domestic Violence Awareness, and our chapter here at SHSU is very involved with providing assistance to the local Huntsville SAAFE House. Throughout the school year, we work as a chapter to host fundraising events and various donation drives. Through these numerous events we are able to donate school supplies and clothing to the women and children being housed by SAAFE House, as well as raising and donating sums of money that can help purchase other necessary supplies. However, the volunteer work does not simply end with what each Greek organization can do on their own. Throughout the year,

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