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Greek Heros Essay

  • Submitted by: Dwade23
  • on April 25, 2012
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There are numerous amounts of Heroic figures all in which played a big role in Greek Mythology. For example, Theseus defeated several monsters. He was most famous for defeating the Minotaur; a man eating beast. Perseus was famous for slaying Medusa a beast that was capable of turning anything that looked into her eyes to stone, and Achilles was the strongest warrior in the Greek war against the Trojans. Despite all the triumphs these heroes depicted my focus turns to Jason and Odysseus; due to the fact that both these heroes share a lot of resemblances.
              Jason was the leader of the Argonauts; they were 50 heroes who set sail in search of the Golden Fleece. Jason’s kingdom was stolen from him by his uncle and the only way he would return it is if Jason brings home the Golden Fleece. On his journey Jason   faced the deadly singing Sirens, half bird half women creatures that sang beautiful songs near dangerous rocks. They would lure men to sail off track crashing their boats on the rocks causing them to drown. Despite such dangers Jason captured the fleece with the help of Medea who soon became his wife.
              Odysseus was the king of Ithaca and a distinguished warrior. He journeyed 10 years to return home after the war. He is also responsible for the Greeks victory in the Trojan War. During the journey home it was Odysseus wittiness and bravery that helped saved him and his man from monsters such as Cyclops, Polyphemus, the Sirens, and Scylla. Soon later Odysseus would return home back to his wife Penelope and once again rule his homeland.
                Both these heroes Odysseus and Jason had multiple similarities they even faced the same monsters. Both Jason and Odysseus set out on a journey for almost the same reason, not because they wanted to but, because they were almost forced into. Jason’s uncle stole what was supposed to be Jason’s kingdom. He told Jason to retrieve the Golden Fleece than he will return his kingdom. That forced...

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