Greek Godess Artemis Essay

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Greek Goddess Artemis The Goddess of wild animals, hunting forests, childbirth, and the protector of children and chastity. Artemis was born into this name. Right after she was born she helped deliver her twin brother Apollo. Moreover she always had a bow and arrow. In addition to always having her bow she and her brother distributed sudden arrows of death. Artemis also played a major role in the protector of chastity because she would forever be chaste. Always having her pack of dogs with her she was ready for anything that came. Furthermore, Artemis had many powers and responsibilities. Her powers were strength, perfect aim with a bow, speed, and cleverness. Her responsibilities were to protect animals, newborn animals, protect virgins, and help woman with childbirth. Moreover Artemis brought pain and disease in women. She needed her cleverness so she could be able to hunt without animals spotting her. She was usually always in the forest so her speed and bow and cleverness came in handy. Artemis when she was three asked her father Zeus to forever be a virgin, to have a pack of hounds, and to have a silver bow like her brother Apollo’s. Her parents were Zeus and Leto. She loved her father very much even though she left to be in the wilderness with her maidens. Her brother Apollo and her were very close and were always with each other. Apollo got jealous of Orion and tricked Artemis into killing him. Her symbols are the bow and arrow, crescent moon, and sandals. The bow and arrow symbolized death and how she always carried around the bow. Also the crescent moon was her symbol because she because she was sometimes identified with Selene (the goddess of the moon.) But the main symbol was the bow and arrow because that is what she is known

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