Greek Festival Culture

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Bono, the lead singer of U2 and political activist once said, “America is not just a country, it’s an idea.” I truly believe in this statement because everyone in America comes from different backgrounds; hence, America is the idea that all of these different cultures can join together and express their ideas. I have never been anywhere outside the United States; therefore, I am glad that there are opportunities to study and learn about these different cultures. This weekend, I took the opportunity to visit the Greek Festival. This festival was interesting and something that I had never experienced before. The Greek festival not only introduced me to new foods and music, it also helped me understand one of the many cultures in the Augusta area. As I made my way downtown to the Greek Orthodox Church, I did not know what to expect. What was going to be at this festival? Were there going to be people like me that wanted to learn about the Greek culture? All of these questions were answered when I finally arrived at the small church. As I entered the festival I noticed many tents, both small and large. These tents were full of everything Greek, ranging from foods to dances and music. Greek food was the most prominent aspect of the festival. I have never had any contact with Greek foods; thus, I was apprehensive to give it a taste. However, I decided that I needed to try some authentic Greek food since I was at the festival to experience new things. I tasted the baklava and it was quite a quite a treat. Another important aspect of the festival was the music and dancing. Greek music and people clapping along filled the air. I could see that people under the long music tent really enjoyed being apart of the festival. When people started dancing together, I knew that the Greek culture was something that everyone could enjoy. I also learned that the Greeks are very

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