Greek Democracy And United States Essay

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Greek Democracy and United States Early development of the Greek Society has helped shape the United States influencing the structure, by constitution, of our form of representative democracy. Greek democracy was of Instrumental in the development of our form of government in the United States. Greek Democracy Greece was not a nation per se until forcibly united by Alexander the Great, and then only briefly. Before Alexander it was a nation of city states (Athens, Troy, and Sparta). Democracy was associated with Athens during the reign of Pericles but democracy was not part of life in Sparta. Greek influence on Western Society was in danger of being swallowed by Persia (Darius), or the Hittites, or the Assyrians and their culture would have taken over. Alexander lived before Christ and yet extended western influence from Greece to Egypt to the Indus River and conquered the mighty Persian Empire which allowed western culture to develop. In a way, Alexander of Macedonia was the force of western culture that cleared the way for the development of knowledge written in Greek, like ancient scrolls that would have otherwise been lost. Post Alexander, the western society thrust continued thru Ptolemy in Egypt. Democracy refers to the "voice of the people" and in this sense Athens was an emerging democracy, but one that took and used slaves, one that gave most power to a Senate of elites in the manner of a Republican form of government like Rome came to be later, and one in which the franchise (vote) was restricted to certain classes, mostly property owners. Like in our constitution before became Amendment it states in, “Although colonial Americans certainly believed in a free ballot, they also believed that the ballot ought to be restricted to men of property, whose wealth gave them a greater understanding of the needs of the society. The history of this

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