Greek And Roman Philosophy Essay

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Greek and Roman Philosophy Understanding philosophy takes time, but for three philosophers, time didn’t matter. Plato, Thales, and Epictetus all found information that we still use today. Philosophy began as theories, but through time those theories have become concepts that are used in the present. In Ancient Greece, Socrates and Plato were two of the most well-known philosophers that we learn about today. In Ancient Rome, one of the many philosophers was Amelius. All three of them had studied and succeeded at philosophy. Each one of them contributed in their own way. As Socrates had taught Plato about philosophy, they both discovered many new things that are still used in our everyday life today. Philosophy began in Greece in the 6th Century. The very first philosophers were called “presocratics”, which by their name, means that they came before Socrates. Their scientific interests include mathematics, astronomy and biology. As the first philosophers, they didn’t pay attention to the “god created explanations” of the world. They looked at the rationality of the world. They wanted to know why things happened, and for what reason they happened. Aristotle referred to them as the “Inventors of Nature.” Roman philosophy was mainly Stoicism. It originated in Hellenistic Greece. The main point of Roman philosophy was that it centered around logos. This means that it is centered around rational order or meaning of the universe. The Stoic ideas were in the Aeneid, and then later it was turned into philosophy. The first group of Presocratics were the Ionians. Among these, were Thales, Anaximander, and Heraclitus. All three of these Presocraties put all their findings towards the research of “the ultimate basis and essential nature of the unexamined world.” In Ancient Greece, the Greeks made many

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