Greek and Roman Culture Essay

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Although the cultural contributions of the Greeks and Romans have many similarities, they also have several differences. Greek culture was idea-filled and based on perfection. Roman culture was more realistic and represented everyday life. On the contrary, many Roman ideas were taken from the Greeks. Regardless, both groups effectively symbolized each of their religions and beliefs. Many of the Greeks’ works reflected off their beliefs, like gods and goddesses. Greek literature primarily focuses on heroes, gods, or stories with a moral. The earliest stories were called epics; long poems about heroes. Another example is fables, or short tales that usually teach a lesson. Drama also became popular. They were plays that ranged from sad tragedies to humorous comedies. In addition, Greek art often showed loyalty to gods. Vases and cups showed scenes from famous myths. Greek was also famous for its architecture. The most famous buildings were dedicated to gods or goddesses, such as the Parthenon. All Greek art was used to express their ideas. The Romans admired Greek literature and art, but also had contrasting ideas. In poems, the heroes were based off Romans and were more realistic. A new type of writing emerged called odes-poems that expressed emotions about life. Romans used Greek ideas in art, yet had other varying ideas as well. The statues they carved were much more realistic than the Greeks’. Most buildings were domes with features such as arches and vaults. Many still stand today, such as the Colosseum. Greek temples were built as objects of art. Therefore, they were ornate on the outside but plain on the inside. Unlike ancient Greek architecture, Roman structures were ornate on both the outside and the inside, reflecting the idea of the pursuit of pleasure-an essential part of Roman culture. This shows Rome’s ideas were similar, but not exactly the same as the
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