Greek and Roman Contributions Essay

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Imagine you’re about to start building your very own house from the ground up. You begin to think of all the wonderful fixtures and installations that you're going to add which will be able to be seen and admired by future visitors. But before you can begin installing windows and doors you have to first start with the most important building block of all; the foundation. You can’t overlook the foundation when building a house, and you can’t deny the Greek influence on Rome even if their accomplishments may be more impressive. Greece is the foundation of all western civilization, while Rome’s fixtures and floorboards built upon the foundation. Greek culture immensely influenced Roman culture which vastly influenced the Western world as a whole. The contributions of the Greeks and Romans to western civilization are still very much seen in modern day society. One of the first things we can learn about ancient Greek in class or in history books on ancient Greece is that Greeks invented democracy. The great city-state of ancient Athens was birthplace to this revolutionary government system and was fathered by a man known as Cleisthenes. Cleisthenes and this new form of government gave its people a voice and power never before seen by any civilization prior to the Greeks. The development of democracy gave full rights to all free men and allowed for a self-governing, self-supporting system to take place. It is for this system that allowed their society to build one of the greatest known empires of the ancient world. Although this Athenian democracy would survive for only two centuries, Cleisthenes’ invention was one of ancient Greece’s most long-lasting contributions to the modern world. Although Greek democracy was one of, if not the greatest invention of ancient Greek culture, there are still many other contributions that were made by Greeks which are still

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