Greed In The Rocking Horse Winner

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Lawrence makes it clear that the lack of love from Paul’s parents causes the warning whispers, a symbol of greed, in the house through the explanation of their spending habits. The beginning of the story portrays Paul’s mother as having “started with all the advantages” (276). Nonetheless, she appears not able to show compassion towards her children. Since Paul’s mother “could not love [her children]” (276) as she wants, Paul’s parents try to compensate by buying the children many material Although the family receives a very limited amount of money, both the mother and father, nevertheless, strive to keep up their “social position” (277). In order to maintain this status in the neighborhood, Paul’s parents must continue their “expensive tastes” (277) as well. After this exposition by Lawrence, the house becomes “haunted by the unspoken phrase: There must be more money! There must be more money!” (277). This quote sounds ominous and foreboding, almost creating a sense of horror. Lawrence’s usage of “haunted” (277) shows this negativity of these whispers towards the family. Evidently, the portrait of Paul’s parents gives a materialistic view of the relationship between them and their children, causing a vicious cycle. This cycle consists of the family lacking money from a small income, using this money to satisfy their needs and to buy These whispers make another appearance later in the story, but become much louder and overbearing. now have become much more overwhelming, relates to Paul’s growing greed in order to help with his family’s financial problems. When Paul receives the money he has earned from horse-track betting, he then hands over five thousand to his mother. Once his mother receives the money, Lawrence explains that “something curious [happens]” (286). At this point, the whispers suddenly “[go] mad, like a chorus of frogs” (286). The

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