Greed is Blood Essay

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Money, religion, power, freedom, greed are all reasons millions of people have lost their lives. Overtime, again and again money and religion serve as a driving force for people to kill, pillage and plunder through the world in search for money, religion, power and freedom. A historical horror is something from the past that causes a feeling of something frightful. An atrocity is an act of being shockingly cruel and inhumane. The historical horror is more from the victims account because it deals with the fear of the human in the event of chaos or life threatening events. Every event from the Vikings, murderd Jews, the attack of the Aztecs, Olaudah Equiano, Thirty Years War, Holocaust, dropping the bomb, and Bosnia, are all atrocious events. The Vikings came and liked what they saw, and took what they want, leaving behind blood and tears of the victims. They wanted all things of value, even taking the wives of men when the people had nothing more to take. From the beginning of time until the present, people have been treated extremely inhumane. The slave ships, from what Equiano writes, were beyond atrocious. What the people had to go through on the ships, being tied up, and chained to the bottom of the ship. They ones who didn’t eat, were beaten until they ate, so they could still be sold and used. This story was completely ironic because the same tribes that shared the land with Equianos tribe, even though they were rivals, the other tribes would kidnap rival tribe members and drag them to the shore and be sold into slavery. The Jews have been picked on since the beginning. It seems like the most atrocious events in history revolve around the inhumane slaughtering of millions of Jews. Not just in the beginning, but in modern times as well. The Jews surprisingly are still around but they’ve been through so much as a people. The Holocaust, which is a more
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