Greed Essay

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Greed He had always loved the sound of coins clinking. Even as a child, he would spend hours on end counting the few coins he had received during the Lunar New Year, over and over again, fascinated by their shape, their metallic shine, and the fact that he could use them to buy things he wanted, The first time he participated in the gambling festivities during the Lunar New Year, his uncles and aunts were rendered speechless by the deft way the seven-year-old handled the cards, placed bets and goaded his siblings to bet more. “Hung Sun,” his mother had said with delight one day, “make as much as possible, because with money, you will be loved.” He had taken that statement with the seriousness of a benediction, and pursued the accumulation of wealth with devotion. He stared at the white, white walls of the hospital. They smelled of disinfectant, a sharp scent that stung the inside of the nostrils if he inhaled too deeply. He saw other old people in wheelchairs with paper masks obscuring their faces, and wondered whether they could smell the same thing that he did. He had been hospitalized for three days already. Three whole days had passed since half of his body turned numb, as if an icy cold hand had insidiously crept up the right side of his body, rendering it devoid of any feeling. It had been his maid who discovered him prone in his study, not one of his four wives or his seventeen children. They had been too busy fighting. Now as he lay there in his hospital bed in the best ward in the best hospital in Hong Kong, he noticed that the numbness had seeped into his insides, making him feel cold and empty. He stared up at the ceiling fan, and let his thoughts follow the blades in circles above him. “Where did I go wrong?” he thought, “I have given them everything they have ever wanted. I have made fortunes that cannot be spent in two lifetimes. I have wealth beyond

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