Greed Essay

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By: Luis Martinez | | They think they know me | | They think they know me | Have no regrets, and I remember when we first met there’s no way I could ever forget you -Jeffree Star, Prisoner Sunday, August 19th It was about 7:45 at night and my best friend, Melany, and I were driving home from the new outlet mall they had just built in Chicago, which is about 45 minutes from our home town. We decided to go because we needed new clothes for school which was going to start the next day and I guess that’s where my story’s going to start. “So are you ready for the real world?” she asked in a half serious half teasing way, as she did since I told her I was going to a school named Aquinas on the other side of town. “No, not really,” I replied. “I’m very nervous, I think I’m just going to keep quiet in the back of the class and maybe make one friend.” She replied, more of the seriousness in her voice, “Yeah, I guess that’s the best thing to do, I plan on doing the same.” Now tears rolling down her eyes. “I’m really going to miss you.” I looked down. “Yeah, I’m going to miss my Mel Bear, too.” I said, finally realizing how much I was really going to miss her. I hugged her and we promised never to forget each other. Melany Villagomez had been my best friend since the middle of 5th grade. I remember she always appealed to me, not in a girlfriend way but more like she’s different kind of way. I remember walking up to her and saying Hi and then after our introduction the conversation completely shifted and we talked about our body parts and she said something like “I look at the parts on my body” and with those few words she had made me laugh more than I ever had. We didn’t become friends until the middle of the year because my best friend at the time made me and our other two friends bully her. Eventually we didn’t feel conferrable with what she told us

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