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BLANKBLANK English 101 Professor BLANK 23 Aug 2012 Greed Greed is the downfall of everything, whether it be, humans, businesses, or even the United States, greed is the sole problem. The human mind is comprised of wondrous things that we have yet to find out, yet it seems as though everybody is glued to the thought process of continuously wanting more. That's all you see nowadays, nobody is happy with what they have sentimentally; instead, they think having the new thing or following the latest trend will somehow pose a positive influence on their life. All around us, examples of this behavior are all around us, but we're too caught up on greed itself to even notice. Look at it from a school perspective; if you're not wearing the same trend of clothing that everyone else is wearing, you will be an outcast to them. Let's look at a bigger picture here. NFL is a prime example, every year various players get switched over to new teams. When this happens, the team and player negotiate a yearly salary that the player must agree to. The average salary is about 1.9 million dollars per year. You would be amazed at how many players refuse this offer because it's too little. No person who plays a sport should be getting paid that kind of money. Why are we senselessly throwing that kind of money away when it can be spent on something more beneficial like real infrastructure jobs? Instead, we want to throw this money into the franchise itself just so it can make the franchise even more money, and then the process keeps repeating itself. I find this generally repulsing considering that our society is complaining about not having enough money to support us, so their resolve is to raise taxes and get more money out of us to just be put into the propaganda and not going towards something we actually need. CEO's of companies is just another prime example. High

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