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Greed Human is superficially perceived as a virtuous species. However, the inner nature of humanity is distinctively gruesome. It could be adequately defined as: atrocity at its best. The Matrix, directed by The Brothers Wachowski, highlights the gluttonous and possessive behaviours of humankind, deriving that the nature of greed is the source of humanity’s downfall. Human beings are contemptuous gluttons, constantly desiring for additional possessions. The avaricious manner of humanity causes its extravagant exhaustion of the available resources. After abducting Morpheus, Agent Smith shares his observations of humankind in attempt to provoke Morpheus: “Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply and multiply while every natural resource is consumed. The only way that you can survive is to spread to another area” (The Matrix). The observation of Agent Smith emphasizes the otherwise disregarded aspect of human nature—the tendency to consume and assume the authority to all entity. Humans squander their resources, exempting the need for moderation. They only care for the extravagant product, not for the cost of the reactant. Due of their ravenous nature, they continuously seek for new sources to amend for the constant lack of resources instead of preserving the existing ones in their possession. All resources are limited to an extent; when its limit is reached, humanity is bound to face its deserved hardships. This virus-like cycle will eventually backfire on humankind when the host is gone, leaving humanity in ruins. Moreover, this gluttonous behaviour directs humanity down a path toward a hopeless dead end cessation. Human desires continually escalate throughout one’s lifetime, augmenting one’s need to obtain power and control. The

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